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Acting up in the Vagina Museum

If you hang out on social media, or read the newspapers, you'll know that the world now has not just a Penis Museum and a number of Sex Museums, but also a Vagina Museum. Unlike Iceland's Penis Museum (actually called the Phallological Museum, which sounds more formal and scientific), containing 'more than 280 penises and… Continue reading Acting up in the Vagina Museum

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Queen Victoria’s cannabis habit: again

Queen Victoria still grips our imaginations. The latest revelations, coming soon in the movie 'Victoria and Abdul', concern her attachment to an Indian Muslim called Abdul Karim, presented to her as a 'gift from India'. The book on which the film is based was written by Shrabani Basu. Although most of the Queen's letters to… Continue reading Queen Victoria’s cannabis habit: again

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IUD or not IUD? Did the Hippocratics invent the first intrauterine device?

"Around 400 B.C., writers from the Hippocrates school discussed a contraceptive similar to the intrauterine device (IUD) of today. This particular apparatus was a hollow tube filled with mutton-fat..." Really??