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Agnodice: reading the story

The story of Agnodice, 'the first midwife', is all over the web, and is often treated like it's recounting historical events. Here, I'm going to challenge that by summarising some of what I wrote in my 2013 book, The One-Sex Body on Trial: The Classical and Early Modern Evidence (Ashgate), where I treated at length this story… Continue reading Agnodice: reading the story

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The King Must Die?: Favorite Plot-lines

  What’s your favorite plot line? One of my friends is a genius when it comes to recommending science fiction and fantasy books, and not just on the ‘If you loved that, you’ll like this’ principle. I remember once saying to her: ‘Human lost in alien universe, not much happens beyond trying to get used… Continue reading The King Must Die?: Favorite Plot-lines